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Below is a small selection of our plants, we have hundreds of other varieties. Please contact us for availability of these or any other plants you are looking for.

Acaena Inermis 'Purpurea' 

(Purple Bidibid, Piripiri)

NATIVE TO NEW ZEALAND. A compact ground cover with attractive ferny, mauve purple foliage creating a mass effect. Good tight habit and no burrs. Prefers full sun, well drained soils. Tolerates both exposed and sheltered conditions. Sun Hardy. Evergreen.

Estimated size at maturity 10cm x 1m.

Beilschmiedia Tarairi (Taraire)


Small flowers in spring, followed by attractive purple fruit in autumn, loved by wood-pigeons. Taraire's dark olive-green leaves have depressed veins, giving them a crinkled appearance. A stately tree with a strong straight trunk and smooth brown bark. Likes rich, deeply worked, well drained soil. Keep well watered until established. Prefers full sun but will tolerate shade. Evergreen.

                                                  Estimated size at maturity 20m x 8m

Buxus 'Green Gem' (Box cultivar)

(B. microphylla koreana x B. sempervirens) A broadleaf hybrid box cultivar that grows into a dense globe. Elliptic to oval glossy dark green leaves. Requires little pruning. Prefers part-shade, moist well-drained soil. Will grow in full sun.

Estimated size at maturity 60cm x 60cm

Araucaria heterophylla (Synonym A. excelsa, Norfolk Island Pine)         

NATIVE TO NORFOLK ISLAND. A stately, upright growing tree with branches of equal length and evenly spaced in star like, horizontal whorls. Prefers full sun to semi shade, well drained moist soils. Tolerates exposed and sheltered sites. Evergreen.

Estimated size at maturity 60m x 7m

Blechnum fluviatile (Mata, Water or Creek Fern)


Distinctive rosette-forming fern with an upright rhizome that increases to a colony. Pale, bright green fronds 20-25cm with rounded pinnules. Prefers a shady situation with slightly acidic, very moist soil. 
Estimated height at maturity 30cm

Buxus Microphylla (Japanese Box)

An attractive shrub of compact habit with bright green, rounded leaves and light apple green new growth.  Used extensively for hedging, trims well and can be grown in full sun to part shade.  Prefers well drained soil (not heavy clay soils or windy exposed areas).

Estimated size at maturity 1 x 1m

Buxus Sempervirens (English Box)


Erect, compact small-leaved evergreen with dark green, glossy foliage. Can be used for low hedges, borders or topiary. Will tolerate dry to moist soils and moderate coastal conditions. Evergreen.

Estimated size at maturity 1m x 60cm

Calcluvia rosaefolia (Synonym Ackama Rosifolia, Makamaka)   

NATIVE TO NEW ZEALAND. A bushy small tree, with handsome foliage with distinct reddish tinge. Very small flowers appear late Spring. Prune after flowering. Prefers full sun to semi shade, well drained soils, on a sheltered site. Frost tender. Evergreen.

Estimated size at maturity 5m x 4m.

Camellia Hybrid 'Nicky Crisp'    

Outstanding shrub, slow dense bushy growth. High quality pale lavender pink flowers, small semi double, early to late season. Prefers light shade, shelter and free draining soil. Loves organic matter. Requires acidic soil. Drought intolerant. Prune after flowering. Evergreen.  

Estimated size at maturity 1.5m x 1m. 

Carex buchananii (Leatherleaf Sedge)

NATIVE TO NEW ZEALAND. A attractive upright architectural reddish brown native tussock with fine tips bleached and curled. Prefers full sun, well drained soils. Tolerates moist conditions. Hardy. Evergreen. 

Estimated size at maturity: 75cm high x 100cm wide

Citrus Limon 'Meyer' 

(Meyer Lemon)            

Juicy nearly ever-flowering, has a distinct floral fragrance with low acidity. Delicate white flowers with luscious green foliage. Prefers a sunny spot, sheltered from wind and frost. Water and feed regularly. Mulch Spring and late Summer. Evergreen.

Estimated height at maturity 3m.

Echeveria 'Violet Queen'


Upright rosettes of blue-grey leaves with rose-violet margins. Forms heads to 15cm with numerous offsets. Hardy and fast growing, will tolerate frost. Will not tolerate water logging. Allow to completely dry out and water thorughly in free-draining soil. Full sun. Evergreen. Ideal for planters, living walls or in mass plantings alongside grasses in free draining garden beds.

15cm round offsets.

Ginkgo Biloba 

(Maidenhair Tree)

A conical tree when young, becoming more irregular with age. Leaves are fan shaped and often bilobed, turning clear yellow in Autumn. Prefers full sun, well drained soils. Tolerates exposed and sheltered sites. Deciduous.

Estimated size at maturity 4m x 4m.

Griselinea Littoralis 'Ardmore Emerald' (Kapuka)
Fast growing forms a densely branched tree or shrub. Broad obovate, dark, emerald-green leaves, prominent yellow veins. Withstands coastal conditions strong winds and frosts. Free draining soil, full sun. Good hedge or screen. 
Estimated size at maturity 8m x 4m.

Griselinia Littoralis 'Broadway Mint'  (Kapuka)


Handsome, hardy native, this form has been selected for its broad oval leaves which are lime green and slightly wavy. Forms a tidy well groomed, densely branched shrub or small tree. Excellent for hedging as a specimen or as a coastal windbreak. 

Estimated size at maturity 8m x 4m.

Griselinia Lucida (Akapuka)


A most impressive plant with rounded, very thick, leathery, glossy, rich deep green leaves. Wind and salt resistant and grows in sun or shade. Good drainage.

Estimated size at maturity 8m x 4m.

Helleborus Orientalis      

(Winter Rose)     

Winter flowering perennial with large, leathery palmate leaves with toothed margins. Features large, cup shaped, rose like, usually nodding flowers of white to pink to rose purple with yellow stamens. Prefers semi to full shade, well drained moist soils, in a sheltered spot. Hardy. Evergreen.

Estimated size at maturity 50 x 50cm

Leptospermum Scoparium 'Wiri Kerry' 

NEW ZEALAND NATIVE CULTIVAR. Rose red full double flowers from Autumn to Spring. Compact, small bronze foliage. Excellent cut flower. Attractive to bees. Prefers full sun. Tolerates most soils, windy and coastal conditions. Trim after flowering. Hardy. Evergreen.

Estimated size at maturity 1m x 1m.  

Malus Ioensis 'Plena'

(Betchel's Crab Apple)

A small tree with large, double, soft pink fragrant blossoms with wine red Autumn foliage. Bears a small number of greenish yellow fruit. Prefers full sun. Tolerates dry to moist soils. Deciduous.

Estimated size at maturity 4m x 4m.

Phormium cookianum 'Emerald Gem' ('Emerald Gem' Dwarf Flax)


Yellow flowers from spring to early summer. Very compact clumps of emerald leaves. Cookianum type Phormium grow in most soil conditions but do not tolerate being waterlogged. Full sun, tolerates drought and coastal conditions. Excellent choice for a either a small area or for mass plantings.

Estimated size at maturity: 50cm x 50cm

Rubus Fruticosus (Thornless Blackberry)

Heavy cropper, plant more than one. Prefers semi shade (protect from afternoon sun), well drained moist soils (extra water needs in Spring and Summer, water at base), on a exposed site (protect from hot dry winds), low chill requirement. Prune in Winter. Suckers. Hardy. Deciduous.

Estimated size at maturity 2m x2m.

Syzygium Australe 'Bronze Hedgemaster'

(Synonym Eugenia ventenatii, Lilly Pilly)


A compact evergreen shrub with fine glossy deep green foliage tipped bronze/red on new growth. Will not tolerate wet soil. Fast growing, useful as a hedge, screen or topiary.

Estimated size at maturity 10m x 4m.

Sagina Subulata 'Aurea'       

(Golden Irish Moss)

Fast growing, spreading groundcover which forms a mossy bright yellow/green mat. Tiny, starry white flowers appearing in Summer. Tight attractive growth. Prefers full sun, well drained soils. Intolerant of wet feet. Evergreen. 

Estimated size at maturity 20 x 70cm.

Thymus 'Emerald Carpet'       

(Carpet or White Flowering Thyme)

A spreading, low growing, compact groundcover with small, neat, attractive bright emerald green leaves with white flowers in Summer. Aromatic culinary herb. Bee friendly. Prefers full sun, well drained soil. Tolerates dry sites. Hardy. Evergreen.

Estimated size at maturity 5cm x 1m

Trachelospermum jasminoides (Star Jasmine)

A beautiful Malaysian vine. Has myriads of little star shaped white flowers, with delightful fragrance in spring. Strong growing. Used either as a ground cover or as a climber, where support is needed. Prefers moist soil in full sun or shade.

Zephranthes candida 

(White Rain Lily, Fairy Lily)

NATIVE TO SOUTH AMERICA. Huge white crocus-like flowers emerge after summer rain and continue well into autumn. Glossy chive-like leaves. Zephranthes is a clump-forming bulbous perennial. Requires a medium wet soil and prefers full sun to part shade. Evergreen. Delightful as part of a border or tucked into rock gardens, and very effective planted in mass under deciduous trees.

                                                    Estimated size at maturity 30cm x 30cm